"Our business prices rising every week and have specials and so on but I am very happy - I just change the prices myself; update & do everything myself.
I had a website with another company before. They charged R250 everytime when they change prices or updates but this one is the best thank you so much." - Rashatha Brokers
7 years 48 weeks ago
"I have really enjoyed the Just1 webpage that I have and it has been great for business. Thank you!" -Celia Myburgh
7 years 48 weeks ago
"Yes I am very happy. For someone without any web design experience it was, really easy to understand and to setup. My travel website was up and running in no time. I was looking for a host and there are many out there (and very expensive ones too) but yours... simple the best.
This is my 2nd year with your company and hopefully not the last.
1.) What I like first of all the is the value for money. Nowhere can you find 6 pages with all the bells and whistles at your rate.
2.) A beginner can get starter in less than 30 min
3.) and then your customer service is fast...any problems about the site or errors (that I made) are dealt with quick and painless. THX for that!!
Keep up the good work and thx a lot!!" -Ronel Moorcroft (Fun Travel)
8 years 12 weeks ago


"...am happy with the Website and Webpage, International Customers
are also attracted, increasing our business."
As for the favorite things about Just1:
1.) Can change content of Webpage as often as want without Consultant.
2.) Not need much attention, saving time.
3.) Relatively low cost to have it, saving money. - Istvan Ladanyi


8 years 19 weeks ago

"I am happy with the Just1 system!"

1.) Easy to use & quick and easy to update (without additional costs)
2.) Good back-up support
3.) Well priced - Wayne SB
8 years 19 weeks ago

"I am very happy with just1.

  1. Website was easy to create, great tools and good training video on creating website.
  2. ADWORDS is also a great idea for marketing yourself and to improve sales.
  3. Great support!" - Jaco Booysen, mycopy.co.za
9 years 2 weeks ago
"Thank you for your great service. I am always impressed at the speed at which you respond. Working with Just1 has been a trouble free, value for money experience. Looking forward to your new improved site building tool and other innovations."
9 years 7 weeks ago
"Just1 is one of the easiest websites to build, affordable, and user friendly. For my business I really needed to create a website fast, and with the help of the video, Just1 really made it easy to do. Thank you!! Blessings!" Chrissie
9 years 9 weeks ago
"We are very pleased with your support department as they solved several problems for us in record time." - Jaco van Vuuren, sharpeibreeders.co.za
9 years 10 weeks ago
"I am very happy so far. 1. Easy web design. 2. Great support. 3. Great follow up." Robin Kolberg
9 years 11 weeks ago
"Wow Norio...your 'video' on buidling the website is GOLD....thx again!!" -Henry Moorcroft
9 years 14 weeks ago
"Most important, thanks for a real value product, the detail and function is easy enough for me, I also like the step by step approach with guidelines of what works." - Colin McKenzie
9 years 15 weeks ago
"I find you product very interesting and am very excited at the prospect to produce my own website. I have been using computers since 1980 or right at the beginning of the PC revolution where I was already using MSWORD and LOTUS 123 and I find it very beneficial that a user friendly program has been invented that works similar to Microsoft Word in order to edit my own website !

I think that it is a great product with great potential and well timed in this new era of the communication age.

Well done !" - Basil Paizee
9 years 15 weeks ago
"I am very happy with Just1 thank you. It was very quick to set up, very easy to use and it is easy to customise according to your business image." - Madeleen Curnick
9 years 29 weeks ago
"Happy so far - website now on Google and all is good." - Klaus Schirmer
9 years 33 weeks ago
"I have to say for the 4 months that I have been with you I have over achieved what I have anticipated. I thank you for this." - Yolanda (lapparts.co.za)
9 years 34 weeks ago
"Good morning. I would like to express my thanks to Just1 for the really great service and always helping when needed :) Thank you for all that you do. We couldn't do it without you." - Jacques Badenhorst
9 years 34 weeks ago
"The internet is a wonderful tool, provided that you know exactly what you are looking for and you have a very clear understanding of what the result should be. Otherwise you may end up working through a lot of junk and thus wasting a lot of your time.

Since I started off I had my doubts about how good the product and service of Just1's would be, because my experience told me that what people claim on the net is not always what it seems.

I must commend you on the fact that you really surprised me. You've created a tool that not only works like a charm, but is also backed by excellent support. I've built my web-site in a matter of days. I had clear ideas on how I wanted the web-site to look like. I planned the layout and started creating and editing it by watching the brilliant tutorial once.

During the exercise I encountered a problem or two and contacted the support centre about it. Now this is where I have encountered lots of problems with many companies in the past, because most first line support facilities don't have an idea how to open, track and close trouble tickets.

What a pleasure it was to see an immediate response with trouble ticket issued and the person's name it was designated to. There was no problem with tracking progress, because responses were clear and precise. In the end my problems were resolved and the trouble ticket was closed in the proper manner.

Now this is how I know when a company has change and problem management under control and integrated. The way the ITIL-framework likes you to comply with. The most important step in change and problem management is what we are doing now. Lessons learned! Trouble tickets are never resolved unless the loop is closed with the originator, and for the purpose of practicing good Quality Management, the trouble ticket is put into a fault category with the recorded lessons learned as to facilitate automated fault resolution capabilities for the customer (Q&A facility for users to use to discover how they can resolve their own problems that is caused by stupidity - RTTFM :-))

If I must list my three favourite things about Just1, it would be 1). The support service experience and it's excellence, 2.) The ease of use and user friendly editor, and 3). The excellent tutorial and guide that is very clear and to the point, loaded with enough examples leaving you with all the knowledge you need to create and maintain your own web-site.

If I'm not happy and you need to fix the problem, then I would suggest that you allow me a bit of time so that I can push your product, service and it's capabilities to the limit as to create or cause the problem I'm looking for :-)

Thank you very much for challenging my paradigm about the quality of "free" internet software." -Gerhard (Rassie) Erasmus
9 years 36 weeks ago
"I really appreciate your help. It is not often that one experiences such good level of support." -Gerhard (Rassie) Erasmus
9 years 38 weeks ago
"Hi Norio, thank you very much ! I find the Just1 website builder to be very user friendly and also very important to me is you excellent after sale service!! As I mentioned before, this is my first time in trying my hand in building a website ! So far so good. Thank you very much." -Zuzette
9 years 38 weeks ago
"The quick and customised responses have been so handy especially to a technologically challenged customer like me. The hand holding email support has been great!!!!" - Nombuso Duma
9 years 38 weeks ago
"Just1 is extremely easy to work with. I can add and remove as much information/pictures/links as I need and there is no additional cost involved. As a advertising sales & promotions company this is exactly what I need. Thank you for assisting me in making it easier to run my business." Suzanne Fernandes ( Owner - SMH Marketing)
9 years 39 weeks ago
"I am very hapy with Just1. I find it easy to work with and enjoy changing pictures often. I have received a few enquiries about my business and hopefully it will grow quickly."
9 years 39 weeks ago
"Just a quick word of thanks.

Four months ago I got quotes for a website that I needed for my Motorcycle business. I could not believe the quotes I got regarding this and the limitations the designers had when it comes to editing the site. To be very honest with you I gave up on the website idea....... that is until I received your e-mail. At first it sounded too good to be true and I thought long and hard about it, I then thought that if it was too good to be true it is not a lot of money to lose.

I signed up and started MY OWN WEBSITE, I could not believe how easy it was once you get the "hang of it" and now I can't do without it. The beginning I thought "well if it pays itself then I am doing well". But the sales I get off the site now, it more than just paying for itself !!!!!!!!! Currently the site is doing sales of two sales reps, so once again thanks for a great product and great support.

Good luck with your business and I know every one using this service will be pleasantly surprised with the returns they will get." - Henry Ainslie
9 years 39 weeks ago
"I'm happy with Just 1 as you provide relevant information about marketing on the internet. You point me in the right direction." - John Nyamunda
9 years 39 weeks ago
"just one is verry good,i have a website when i need to change prices i have to pay R250  ,but just one i do every thing myself  and iam making money in adword,no problem is fantastic, check my website i do everything my self www.coolingair.co.za"
9 years 39 weeks ago
"Norio Thanks for all your help, I am very satisfied with your service have a nice day" - Danie
9 years 41 weeks ago
"Thank You Just1. It was so easy making the website with your video assistance. Service is fantastic..... I am totally satisfied, Thank you for making it afordable to own a website." - Nico Haarhoff
9 years 42 weeks ago
"I bought a Just1 website from you a week or so ago, and I have been so amazed by how easy it has been to set up my website." -Stienie
9 years 43 weeks ago
"I am very technologically `disadvantaged ` and when embarking on my own website, I thought to myself that I must be crazy. The team at Just1 has always been so supportive and never got mad at my `simple` requests and I love my website. Thanks for your always willing assistance." -Leoni at Bramasole Travel Tours Transfers
9 years 43 weeks ago
"I have purchased a website from you www.blendingsa.co.za and I was absolutely amazed at how quick and easy it was to do my website!" - Stienie
9 years 43 weeks ago
"Dear Norio,

Since we live in a a fast world where the (mis)conception of TIME IS MONEY rules, one seldom encounters good service anymore. It seems like customer satisfaction has become just a concept and it is surely not often
implemented in practise. But with Just1 I have been pleasantly surprised! In fact - I have been surprised by not even just good service, but by EXCELLENT service!

From receiving your first marketing email, to the conversation with one of your referrals, to your instructional video, right through to changing my domain name within a few days of registering - the service and support has been super duper good.

Firstly - You offer a unique concept where everybody with a few braincells can create their own webpage/site according to their specific needs.
Secondly - The ongoing support and informational emails are out of this world - fast, efficient and effective.
Thirdly - All this for only R387, once off - Unbelievable!!!

One very satisfied customer... :-)

Wilma Diedericks"
9 years 44 weeks ago

I will start by saying thank you for the excellent service I have received from Just1. My 3 favourite things about Just1 is the control I have over my website, learning experience to design my own website, and the simplicity that the Just1 Team has made it possible for us their customers in order to make changes on our website at anytime.

I will definitely refer a lot of people to Just1, and all the South Africans should take advantage of the benefits that are provided by Just1. The reason is that when it comes to getting a new website it is a struggle for many, but now I have found the very best company that I will definitely promote for the benefit of others who have struggled just like me.

Thank you guys from Just1 for coming up with such a simple concept to design a website and also have control over it.

YOU ARE THE BEST!" - David TD Dhlamini
9 years 44 weeks ago
"I'm so happy with your service and I want to buy up from 1 page to 5. The following was outstanding:

-You were so quick to confirm my website. I paid at about 2 am on Saturday and by 8 am you had confirmed receipt of payment and told me you had applied for my domain name. Before end of Saturday you had confirmed my domain name etc.

-Secondly, though I knew there was a vedio to demonstrate how to build the site up, you sent me an email on Tuesday encouraging me to check the vedio out and start working on my site.

-when I watched the vedio at 1 am Wednesday, I felt like I really can make a good website. Your vedio is also well laid out so that I could jump the simple stuff and go to the sections I didn't know.

You really exceeded my expectation" - John Nyamunda
9 years 44 weeks ago
"I am happy with Just1! It is not expensive to get your own page on the web, it is easy to set up your web pages, I get clients this way!" - Ilse
9 years 45 weeks ago
"I love how easy you have made it to get a website.  And it's even easier to change it. Thanks very much, Maggie" - Maggie Anderson
9 years 45 weeks ago
"I am happy with the functionality and interface. I constantly c the site being upgraded and very good customer support is gr8. This is a fantastic service for dummy users... :-) Keep up the good work!" -Ralph Penny
9 years 45 weeks ago
"The quality of your service is phenomenal in today's South Africa. You certainly are assured of my business! Well done thank you" - Alex Nagel
9 years 45 weeks ago
"I found it very easy to build the site without having to pay huge sums of money to a web designer. Easy to use and user friendly especially for one who doesnt know much about the web design. The video tapes are amazing -teaching one to build the site" - Richard McClarty
9 years 45 weeks ago