"You've created a tool that not only works like a charm, but is also backed by excellent support. I've built my web-site in a matter of days."

"The internet is a wonderful tool, provided that you know exactly what you are looking for and you have a very clear understanding of what the result should be. Otherwise you may end up working through a lot of junk and thus wasting a lot of your time.

Since I started off I had my doubts about how good the product and service of Just1's would be, because my experience told me that what people claim on the net is not always what it seems.

I must commend you on the fact that you really surprised me. You've created a tool that not only works like a charm, but is also backed by excellent support. I've built my web-site in a matter of days. I had clear ideas on how I wanted the web-site to look like. I planned the layout and started creating and editing it by watching the brilliant tutorial once.

During the exercise I encountered a problem or two and contacted the support centre about it. Now this is where I have encountered lots of problems with many companies in the past, because most first line support facilities don't have an idea how to open, track and close trouble tickets.

What a pleasure it was to see an immediate response with trouble ticket issued and the person's name it was designated to. There was no problem with tracking progress, because responses were clear and precise. In the end my problems were resolved and the trouble ticket was closed in the proper manner.

Now this is how I know when a company has change and problem management under control and integrated. The way the ITIL-framework likes you to comply with. The most important step in change and problem management is what we are doing now. Lessons learned! Trouble tickets are never resolved unless the loop is closed with the originator, and for the purpose of practicing good Quality Management, the trouble ticket is put into a fault category with the recorded lessons learned as to facilitate automated fault resolution capabilities for the customer (Q&A facility for users to use to discover how they can resolve their own problems that is caused by stupidity - RTTFM :-))

If I must list my three favourite things about Just1, it would be 1). The support service experience and it's excellence, 2.) The ease of use and user friendly editor, and 3). The excellent tutorial and guide that is very clear and to the point, loaded with enough examples leaving you with all the knowledge you need to create and maintain your own web-site.

If I'm not happy and you need to fix the problem, then I would suggest that you allow me a bit of time so that I can push your product, service and it's capabilities to the limit as to create or cause the problem I'm looking for :-)

Thank you very much for challenging my paradigm about the quality of "free" internet software." -Gerhard (Rassie) Erasmus