New Just1 Coming!

We are currently working on a new version of Just1 that will make it a LOT easier to update your website and make it look pretty.

Some features to look forward to include:
  • Facebook integration
  • PROPER Google Analytics integration
  • Instagram integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Easier drag-and-drop design of your pages (no more tables!)
  • Slideshows
  • Albums
  • And more!
We don't know when it will be ready but we're hoping we can launch the first version of it within the next 30-45 days. Once it's launched, you can expect a lot more cool new features to come to Just1 as the new editor is designed with growth in mind :)

In other news, invoice expiry dates fixed...
This morning we fixed an issue we've had for a long time that resulted in the expiry date on your invoice showing the date that you ordered plus 12 months instead of the date that you PAID plus 12 months. This is now fixed, which will hopefully put to rest any concerns you've had about this.

(We had a client pay today who ordered 15 months ago! If we didn't fix this, the poor soul would think that he paid for nothing.)