New Features & Bugfixes

Some recent changes you will notice we've made to Just1...
  • Added meta descriptions: You'll notice a new section when you edit your website, allowing you to edit the meta tags for your website. Normally this section would have space for you to enter a site description and some keywords but meta keywords are useless - Google doesn't bother with them anymore but they DO take interest in your meta description - so that's the only field you'll find here. Often times this will be the description of your site that people will see when they search for you so make it enticing and use your keywords sparingly in here. (Don't overdo it, just throw in your main keyword once or twice and use natural language.)
  • Contact form works a bit better now: Before, when you submitted your contact form, it wasn't clear that the message had been sent as your website would reload and you would have to scroll down to see the contact form. Well now, after you submit a message with the contact form, the page will automatically scroll down back to the form so you can see if your message was sent successfully or not.
  • New business directory: To help you rank better in the search engines, we launched a new business directory called All websites featured in our gallery are now also listed on this website. (Your website has to be presentable - not empty - and not porn related or have dodgy content to be listed). This gives you an extra link to your website which will help you rank better & faster in Google. To take full advantage of this, update your website title to be something more descriptive and enticing but don't overdo it with keyword stuffing as we will demote your website then.
If you have suggestions for future improvements, please use the Contact link at the top of this page to email them to us. We love hearing your suggestions :)