"...All this for only R387, once off - Unbelievable!!!"

"Dear Norio,

Since we live in a a fast world where the (mis)conception of TIME IS MONEY rules, one seldom encounters good service anymore. It seems like customer satisfaction has become just a concept and it is surely not often
implemented in practise. But with Just1 I have been pleasantly surprised! In fact - I have been surprised by not even just good service, but by EXCELLENT service!

From receiving your first marketing email, to the conversation with one of your referrals, to your instructional video, right through to changing my domain name within a few days of registering - the service and support has been super duper good.

Firstly - You offer a unique concept where everybody with a few braincells can create their own webpage/site according to their specific needs.
Secondly - The ongoing support and informational emails are out of this world - fast, efficient and effective.
Thirdly - All this for only R387, once off - Unbelievable!!!

One very satisfied customer... :-)

Wilma Diedericks"