About Us

Maxiware CC

Maxiware CC is about "empowering you on the web". That was our slogan when we started and we try to live by it to this day. The internet doesn't need to be scary - it's just another place of business - and it doesn't need to be expensive - it can be super-affordable and fit inside the tightest of budgets. How? If you just do the work yourself, you can save yourself thousands of Rands on "getting online". Save yourself some cash and just get your feet wet on the internet. You'll grow to love it :) 

Norio De Sousa
I'm an entrepreneur and I love helping people. By creating Just1, I joined those 2 energies in my life. Now I get to help people while also enjoying the thrills of running and growing my own business. It's a fun ride and one that certainly has its ups and downs. It's not always easy but it is always rewarding - in the long term. My dream for Just1 is to become a nation-wide "brand name". You need a website for your new venture? Just1 it! Want to try out an idea without spending lots of money? Just1 it! Got a meeting next week but no website or professional emails? Just1 it! It will take some time to get there but, like they say, if it was easy, it wouldn't be worthwhile. All the best to you in your online ventures. I hope to help you start your journey towards doing great things on the internet!