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All You Need is
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And You Can Smash Your Competition!”

“Imagine for a moment that it’s 6 months from today…
Your website is bringing in 1 new lead each day
Your turnover has trebled...

And it's all thanks to your new website that you easily created and edit yourself!”

“Create Your Own 1-Page Website Now!”


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Norio De SousaFrom: Norio De Sousa

My name is Norio De Sousa and I've been a web programmer for over 10 years. I know how to create a website that gets results!. You might have seen some of my work on the website (I helped them with some stuff a year or 2 ago) and I also founded and co-own South Africa's largest Guitar Forum website (with over 3,500 members), South Africa's top-ranked Puppies for Sale directory, South Africa's FIRST ever article directory and many more. In fact, this very website has been around for around 2 years now and I'm on the first page of for a VERY competitive keyword - "website" - and I've already sold 900-odd websites. In short, I really do know what it takes to get results online, so please keep reading...

In 2009, we were staying in Kempton Park and I was looking for a pet shop. So I opened up my browser, went to (Google South Africa) and started searching for "pet shop kempton park" but I came up short. According to Google, the most popular search engine globally and in South Africa, there are only 2 pet shops in the whole of Kempton Park.

Kempton Park's a pretty big place! There are definitely more than 2 pet shops there.

So what's happening to all those pet shops that don't show up when you search for them in Google? Simple: Less people know about them so less people buy from them.

The Internet is Growing - Catch Up!

Just watch TV or listen to the radio for a few minutes. It won't be long before you hear someone advertising "broadband internet". You probably know at least one person who has ADSL.

The internet in South Africa is growing. And if you're not there, you're losing out. So it's time to get online! It's time to learn how to create a website.

How Do I Get Started Online?

The truth is, most people just need a single page to make money from the internet. You can tell people about your product and then give them a way to contact you to place that order. It's so simple! And it doesn't need to cost a lot either! By automating most of the process, you can really cut the costs of setting up a single web page.

And that's why I've started offering just1 websites. just1 websites aren't really web sites. They're web pages. For R427 once-off, you get a single web page that you can edit yourself, to your heart's content and you also get unlimited email forwarders and a professional domain!

How Can it Only Cost R427?!

Because you will create your own website and because I've automated nearly everything in my business! I also host in America which is still very fast but a LOT cheaper than hosting in South Africa. So that means I can offer you for R427 what most people in South Africa will sell you for at least R1,700! It's a real bargain and it's just because I'm a programmer and I've built systems to do all my hard work for me. That also means that my service is reliable because systems don't strike, get sick or go on leave! Even more savings for you!


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Can I Trust You?

Yes you can! But I'll let my clients speak on my behalf :)


... I would like to commend you on the fantastic product you are marketing. I followed your instruction video and have put together an awesome webpage, thanks to you !!!!

I will most definitely refer you to everyone i come across needing a webpage. Thank you once again for a brilliant service that you are offering. ... - Nadine Featherstone,
... I just wanted to let you know that I am completely surprised what a difference my new webpage makes. It seems that people, who have not ordered before because they did not trust the system, have now a more personal relationship with me and feel safer to place orders because they don't speak to a shop but to a real person. I have already received a few orders daily! ... -Ellen Lagus,
... Just a short note to thank you for the excellent service you are giving me with your product. The system gives me the opportunity to update info and data as well as Patient questionnaires as needed without having to depend on somebody else. This is service with a smile - Charl Marais, &
His ability (Norio) to freely and humbly but skillfully assist the technically challenged with website and internet marketing issues is amazing. - Verity Meijer
Many thanks to Norio and his team for allowing me to use his easy to use website builder. I signed up for the 1 page site but shortly after wanted the full package so took the additional 5 pages. With a few glitches and snags as i am no web designer. The support team had me up and running in no time. Now my site is almost 100%. I know i will always be changing and updating it so with maxiware. . . . I can when ever i wish. Thanks a million team. We are really happy:-) - Takis Dimopoulos,
I would really like to comment on your assistance and support on your website. Cannot remember where I saw something like that. As the sayings goes, “It’s nice doing business with you. - Ben Schoeman,
I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful users friendly site available to users. It is fantastic to be able to maintain your own site as and when you feel like it, and without any additional cost. Since we joined Just1, and went live on the internet, we had so many orders. Our next litters are already booked in advance. It is so easy to link up with other web sites, and be linked on their websites. The exposure we got was unexpected. I can really recommend private users and big companies to make use of Just1. Thanks so much to be part of you, and your support when needed was always available. We are very pleased with your support department as they solved several problems for us in record time. - Jaco van Vuuren,
yes we are very happy. 1) easy to use 2) i can manage my own website and change things as i please. 3) you get allot of hits on this site. thanks you so much just1 i have been looking for something like this for ages!!!! - Kerry Chelin,
Very easy to set up a lead generating website at a very affordable price. - Gerrit Geyser,
I experience no problems with my website. Guests also seems to like it, so I'm happy. - Marene Schagen,
I’m learning a lot. Thanks for your help. My nephew always made a bog deal of the website, but I now see its actually easy once you get to know how. - Helgard Hancke,


What Does The Just1 Web Page Editor Look Like?

The online editor is a simple program that works similarly to how MS Word works. If you know how to create documents, you know how to create your own website. The process is nearly identical.

Website Creator Screenshot

Using the editor, you have full control over:

  • Bold, Italics & Underline
  • Bulleted lists (both numbered and dotted)
  • Left aligning, center aligning & right aligning text
  • Linking to any other pages on the internet
  • Inserting & aligning images
  • Inserting Flash
  • Inserting & editing tables, for complex matrixes and more
  • Inserting special characters (like these: @, ±, ™, ►, ÷)
  • Changing the color of words and paragraphs
  • Highlighting words and paragraphs
  • Changing the fonts, changing the size of text

You can also select the background color of your web page, the color of the headings on your page, the colour of links and you can decide if you want a snazzy shadow-effect on the border of your web site or not. It's soooo easy! You can do practically anything you can imagine - and it's as easy as using a simple Word Processor program like MS Word or!

“Beat Your Competition!”


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Can I See Websites Others have Built?

Sure, here are a bunch of sites that other people just like you have built using our web page creator. They didn't have any help, support, training videos or manual. They just signed up and started doing it - that's how easy this is!

Photography Web Site
Insurance Website Accommodation Web Site
Your Web Site
could be HERE
Lebo and Katli Your Web Site 
could be HERE

Who Owns My Domain?

We register your domain in YOUR name. You can move it from us at any time without any penalties. We won't hold it for any reason. Your domain is YOUR domain!

How Often Can I Edit My Site?

As often as you like! No more emails to designers and developers who need to find the time to help you. You just click a link, start editing, click 'Save' and you're done! Keep your specials updated as often as you like, post a new article every week, change your physical address and telephone numbers when you move - it's instant!

How will My Emails Work?

Once you've placed your order and sent us proof of payment, ALL emails to ANY address at your domain will work. That means that, within 24-48 hours of placing your order, you can start receiving emails using these addresses:,, Just replace yourdomain with your actual domain name and you're set to go!

How Well will my Just1 Web Page Rank in Google?

Just1 web pages rank just as well in Google as other web pages. The main thing that will improve your ranking is getting lots of links to your site from other web sites. Our top-recommended way of doing this is by writing articles and including a link to your site at the bottom of them. See for an example and search Google for "Article Marketing". It's very effective!

What Happens after 12 Months?

After 12 months, you can decide if you want to continue with us. If you do, you will simply need to renew your subscription. If you don't, no harm done, just move your domain to a new web host. We will accept the domain transfer request - no quibble.

How Soon can I Start?

As soon as you've paid, your site will be created and you can started editing it! The domain can take up to 24 hours to get registered but it's normally less than 8 hours. But don't let that stop you from editing your pages! You can load them all up so that, by the time your domain is ready, your web site has real content for people to view. It's so easy!

Will You Show me How to Create a Website?

You bet! I've got a video that will show you everything you need to know to create your own website! I cover everything from linking, to uploading images, to how to create a website with a photo gallery and more.

Sign Up TODAY and Get a FREE Fax2Email Number!

If you sign up today, I'll throw in a free fax to email number. That means you'll receive a number like 08 66 55 1904 and, any fax sent to it, will arrive promptly in your email - saving a couple trees and saving you the cost of a fax machine! You only ever have to pay if you want to SEND faxes via email but receiving is 100% free!

What if I Need More Later on?

No problem! If you need more later on, email me and we can discuss your needs and quote on a new solution! If I'm too busy, I'll refer you to one of the many people in my trusted network of web developers and designers who will definitely be able to help!

Think of a just1 web site as a stepping stone! It's there to get you started but there's plenty of room for growth later on and your domain is YOURS. You can move it any time you like! There's absolutely no reason to stay limited to a single page if you find you need more later on.

From e-commerce to content-rich web sites, me and my network of developers can help! You never have to feel alone :)

How Do I Pay?

You can pay via direct bank transfer. All you need to do is place your order on the site now and then, when you receive your invoice via email, simply transfer the funds. Shortly afterwards, we will approve your order which will then get our systems working to put your site together for you. The domain registration normally takes 24 hours but, in the meanwhile, you will still be able to edit your site!

Are There Any Guarantees? YES!

You've got SIX MONTHS to try this out. If you're not happy with your site, for any reason at all, just cancel for a full money-back guarantee! And you get to keep your domain! There's practically no risk for you! You pay R427 now and, if you don't like it, you've got SIX MONTHS to change your mind and get your money back.

What Can You Put on Your Site?

There are almost zero limits to what you can put on your new web page, including:

  • Photos, logos & clip art
  • Videos, flash videos, YouTube videos (almost ANY type of video)
  • Any type of writing from articles to sales letters to short "about  us" paragraphs - your choice

You can do just about anything you can imagine can go on your just1 web page!




Create Your Own Website Today!

Sign up today and you’ll pay R427 once-off and you’ll get:


Yes! - A professional domain. (Eg: or
Yes! - A single web page you can easily edit yourself. Upload your logo, a short description of yourself, your physical address & your contact numbers and you'll already be ahead of 90% of all your competitors! It's as easy as using MS Word or any other word processor! Anyone can do it!
Yes! - As many email forwarders as you like. When you sign up, you can have people email you using and it will be forwarded to your existing email account! Any email sent to any address at your new domain will be forwarded to the email address you signed up with.
Yes! - 12 months of free hosting. After you've paid your R427, you can edit your page as much as you like, receive as many emails as you like and upload as many images as you like, and you won't pay extra.
Yes! - A free fax to email number. Put this number on your website and on your business cards and every fax you receive will come in via email! No need to worry about toner refills, expensive fax paper or another tied up telephone line!
Yes! - No contracts! No debit orders! Once your 12 months is up, it's up to you to let us know that you'd like to continue. We'll send you a reminder but you remain in control of your finances!
Yes! - Supports Google Analytics (for tracking web site visitors, ad campaign clicks and more!)
Yes! - Save £5 when you sign up @ Getting-Paid offers automatic credit control for small businesses. Simply enter your invoice number, the amount it's for and (optionally) attach it as a PDF file and sit back! The system takes care of the rest and your invoices get PAID!

New! Order Today and I'll Throw in 5 Extra Pages for Just R330! (Valued at R1,935!)

Sometimes 1 page just isn't enough. Maybe you need an extra page for your Google AdWords advertising campaign? Or perhaps you want a separate page to talk about the dedicated professionals you hire in your firm, or maybe you want to upload a product gallery but you don't want it on your front page. Whatever the reason, for just R330 extra, you can have 5 more pages! Order Now!



Special Offer
Regular Just1
Premium Power Just1
Professional Domain 
( only)
Single webpage you can edit yourself
Unlimited email forwarders
1 Year of Free Hosting
Free Fax to Email Number
Optional Contact Form
5 Extra Pages
(Valued at R1,935!)


Special Price 


This product has been replaced. Click here to order the new product:




This product has been replaced. Click here to order the new product:




To your success,
Norio De Sousa

PS: Remember: You can create your own website and have unlimited email forwarders, unlimited edits, your own domain and 12 months of hosting for R427 once-off! Sign up now.